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Yuzu Sencha Loose Leaf Tin

Yuzu Sencha Loose Leaf Tin

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This sencha is an uplifting blend of Japanese green tea, zesty yuzu citrus, and a touch of bold matcha. The fresh citrus flavor compliments the rich matcha resulting in a dynamic cup that is complex, yet subtle.

A classic combination of Japanese flavors you are sure to love!

This tea comes from the luxury Japanese tea brand Jugetsudo. Jugetsudo originally started as a nori company in 1854 and has since branched out into the world of tea. They have tea houses in Tokyo and Paris with their top priorities on quality, tradition, and the "spirit of zen tea."

This tea comes packaged loose leaf in a beautifully illustrated tin and makes for the perfect gift!

Tin contains 1.8oz (or 50g) of loose tea