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Darjeeling Makaibari Estate 1st Flush

Darjeeling Makaibari Estate 1st Flush


The first flush is the harvest of the brand new two leaves and a bud in the earliest spring growth of the plant. These early leaves are usually more delicate and tender, and therefore more light, floral, fresh, brisk, and astringent in flavor. First flush Darjeelings are often called the “Champagne” of teas.

This Darjeeling is nicely astringent with a snappy, clear taste. It's a little darker than "typical" first flushes with enjoyable vegetal notes. Darjeeling tends to brew light- to medium-bodied cups, so we typically do not recommend adding milk. Try it with a squeeze of lemon during your afternoon tea break.

Ingredients: Organic Darjeeling black tea -- Organic and Fair Trade! 

Please note:  If you order multiple one ounce increments of tea, they will be consolidated into one larger bag. (Example: if you purchase four 1oz bags, they will be packaged into one 4oz bag.)

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