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White Peony

White Peony


White Tea from Fujian is defined by its picking standard—the bud-to-leaf ratio of a harvest. The most exclusive grade is Bai Hao Yin Zhen, aka Silver Needle, which is just the youngest, budding leaf of the plant. The next grade is Bai Mudan, aka White Peony, which has a bud and the next two young leaves. The origin of its name has long been lost to time, and very few White Peony teas actually smell like peony flowers.

This tea definitely changes over the course of infusions. In early infusions, or in a western-style cup, it reminds us of an early spring morning, bright and refreshing, and the aroma of fresh-cut hay. The aroma of the wet leaves is a little salty and bready, almost like a sourdough. Later infusions lead further into dried hay and persimmon, and a slight hint of fig. 

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