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Milk Oolong

Milk Oolong


This Taiwanese oolong is an absolute all-time shop favorite! It's buttery, sweet and rich, with notes of melon, creamy papaya, and toasted nuts. Most notable though, is its luxuriously creamy mouthfeel, which is where it gets its most commonly used name. 

Other names for milk oolong include: Tai Cha #12, Jin Xuan ("Golden Lilly"), and Nai Xiang ("Milk Fragrance").

Famous and infamous, milk oolongs usually elicit questions! Is it flavored? It shouldn't be, but sometimes you'll find 'millk oolongs' that are secretly tie guan yin with added flavoring, trying to evoke the flavor of the Jin Xuan cultivar. Does it have something to do with its cultivation? You'll find some claims that milk is used as a kind of fertilizer or treatment for this tea--those claims are false. Is it good with milk? That's subjective, but we recommend trying it on its own! 

It contains no milk and milk is not used in the processing.

The rolled leaves yield many infusions--make sure to brew your leaves multiple times! Try short steep times and gradually increase times with each consecutive steep.

Ingredients: TRES #12 Jin Xuan cultivar oolong tea

Please note:  If you order multiple one ounce increments of tea, they will be consolidated into one larger bag. (Example: if you purchase four 1oz bags, they will be packaged into one 4oz bag.)

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