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Kashmiri Kahwa

Kashmiri Kahwa


If you can get over how pretty this tea is—the rich rose petals and vibrant, vernal cardamom bursting from the dark tea leaves and earthy spices—you’re in for a bloom of flavor! The aroma of clove and cardamom wafts immediately from the cup, and the intensity carries through in the brew. The cinnamon comes next, sweet and round. The rose aroma comes and goes in brief glimpses. They sit on top of a subtle base of star anise, almond, and green tea. 

Kahwa, like chai, is a regional blend of tea and spices. However, its history is more similar to Moroccan Mint, invented as Chinese tea was traded to the Middle East, blended with Kashmir’s preferred spices, and then popularized in the broader region. If you’ve heard of ‘pink chai’, ‘Kashmiri chai’, or ’noon chai’,  that’s Kashmiri kahwa, boiled with milk, and a touch of baking soda and salt!

Ingredients: green tea, star anise, cloves, almonds, saffron, rose petals, cardamom, cinnamon

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