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Qi Lan Rock Oolong

Qi Lan Rock Oolong


The steam of this tea carries an incredible, toasted sesame seed aroma, but the cup bears more of a jammy flavor that lingers in the mouth—a lovely, lasting Hui Gan, or ‘returning sweetness’, which leans floral and botanical, almost lily-like. This tea reminds us of a Taiwanese Dong Ding, and its mineral notes are understated and subtle.

Wuyishan is a craigy, mountainous region in the Fujian province of China, near the border of Jiangxi province. It’s known for teas like Lapsang Souchong, and lends its name to a famous class of oolongs, often called Wuyi oolongs, yan chas, or rock teas—describing their distinctive minerality. Our other Wuyi teas include our Crimson Robe and Wuyi Green

The Qi Lan—‘rare orchid’—cultivar was originally an Anxi varietal, but was introduced to the Wuyi growing region in the 1930s. This tea is lightly oxidized for a Wuyi, lending it a brighter character. The gentle roasting lends it a slight ‘baked’ quality.

Ingredients: Qi Lan varietal oolong tea

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