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Yabukita Oolong

Yabukita Oolong


Japan is famous for its green teas, which makes oolongs like this a rare find! Crafted in a small farm on the outskirts of Kyoto, Japan, this tea is made with Japan’s most popular cultivar: Yabukita. 

If a sencha and a bai hao had a baby, this would be it! Our Yabukita Oolong has the crisp grassiness of a traditional sencha with the added depth and aroma that is characteristic of many oolongs. The sweet berry and malty note transforms into a light, pleasant grassiness and a gentle marine air. As is common for oolongs, this tea is lightly rolled to stimulate oxidation, and shaped into sencha-like shards. In keeping with Japanese green tea tradition, this tea is then steamed—in contrast to the pan firing that is conventional for Chinese and Taiwanese oolongs. 

Sip it as it cools—we find that the sencha character intensifies the cooler it gets! In fact, try it iced for a unique, refreshing brew!

You might notice that this tea looks a little—…. well, messy. But don’t judge this tea by its looks! It is ‘aracha’ - unsorted, unrefined, or sometimes called ‘farmer’s tea’. That means that it contains the entire leaf, stem and all, parts of the harvested tea that otherwise would be sorted out. In Chinese tea culture we might call this ‘maocha’, and it’s still all excellent Camellia sinensis. 

Ingredients: Yabukita cultivar oolong

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