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Crimson Robe

Crimson Robe


The paradoxically roasty, mineral, floral aroma that steams out of a fresh cup of this tea hits you in the face. Over the course of a sip, the roast gives way to a rainy day in a rose garden: the subdued aroma of rose under the soft, chalky petrichor of a gravel path. Aside from being a fantastic introduction to roasted oolongs—a heavy hand in comparison to our other oolong selection—this is a quintessential example of a famously distinctive category: the Wuyi rock oolongs.

Wuyishan is a craigy, mountainous region in the Fujian province of China, near the border of Jiangxi province. It’s known for teas like Lapsang Souchong, and lends its name to this famous class of oolongs, often called Wuyi oolongs, yan chas, or rock teas. Our other Wuyi teas include our Qi Lan Rock Oolong and Wuyi Green.

This tea is a clonal variety of the famous—and infamous—Da Hong Pao, aka ‘Big Red Robe’. True Da Hong Pao, harvested from the four original trees, is one of the most expensive teas in the world, costing thousands of dollars per gram, and only half a kilogram is made per year. Any Da Hong Pao you find on the market will be a clone or cultivar—grown from a cutting, or a cutting of a cutting, sometimes crossbred—but shows its lineage of this unique tea in its flavor and aroma.


Ingredients: Da Hong Pao varietal oolong tea

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