Black Honey Oolong

Black Honey Oolong

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This highly oxidized oolong has a sweet, smooth, honey-like flavor and aroma. This tea brews a medium-bodied, amber cup and may be steeped many times. Black Honey is difficult to produce and available in limited quantities, so we're excited to offer this very special tea.

The leaves of the Black Honey Oolong are gorgeous, curled, first-flush tips from the Luye township in Southern Taiwan. This tea is grown on a single organic farm run by a woman and her son. The region is home to a type of bug called the leaf hopper, which bites the tea plants and sucks the nectar from the leaves, the plant to mount a defensive response and release volatile compound. When these leaves are plucked and oxidized, the result is a distinctive, naturally honey-like sweetness within the leaf. Several other growing regions try to replicate this process, but this is where is occurs naturally.

Ingredients: Oolong tea

Organically grown but not certified