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Black Honey Oolong

Black Honey Oolong

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Due to COVID-19 the supply chain for this tea has been interrupted. We are working with our suppliers to get it back in stock as soon as it is safe - we love it as much as you do. Thank you for your patience during this event.

This highly oxidized oolong has a sweet, smooth, honey-like flavor and aroma. This tea brews a medium-bodied, amber cup and may be steeped many times. The leaves of the Black Honey Oolong are gorgeous, curled, first-flush tips from the Luye township in Southern Taiwan. This tea is grown on a single organic farm run by a woman and her son.

The region is home to a type of bug called the leaf hopper, which bites the tea plants and sucks the nectar from the leaves, the plant to mount a defensive response and release volatile compound. When these leaves are plucked and oxidized, the result is a distinctive, naturally honey-like sweetness within the leaf. Several other growing regions try to replicate this process, but this is where is occurs naturally.

Ingredients: Oolong tea

Organically grown but not certified