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Rooibos Chai

Rooibos Chai


A perfect caffeine-free replacement for traditional chai blends, this spiced rooibos tea is warming in all the right ways. Drunk plain, the nuttiness of the rooibos tea base compliments the strong chai spice mix for a full-bodied brew. Taken with milk and sugar, the rooibos earthiness fades into the background, and the robust spices come to the forefront. This tea has a silky, smooth mouthfeel thanks to the rooibos (and the milk, if added). Rooibos Chai can be drunk as a morning pick-me-up or as a tasty caffeine-free after dinner treat.

Ingredients: rooibos, ginger root, cinnamon, cardamom, artificial cinnamon, ginger & vanilla flavors

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