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Darjeeling Makaibari Estate 2nd Flush

Darjeeling Makaibari Estate 2nd Flush


The second flush of tea is a later harvest in late spring and early summer, while the plants are going through a period of rapid growth. It contains larger, more mature leaves with a purplish hue and silver tips or leaf buds. These larger, fast-growing leaves yield a stronger yet smoother flavor for the finished tea. Second flush Darjeelings are known for their full-bodied, muscatel, and fruity flavor.

This second flush Darjeeling is flavorful, smooth, and strongly aromatic with distinct floral notes. Since teas from Darjeeling tend to brew light- to medium-bodied cups they are not strong enough for milk. Instead, try it with a squeeze of lemon during your afternoon tea break.

Ingredients: Organic Darjeeling black tea -- Organic and Fair Trade! 

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