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Decaf Earl Grey Extra

Decaf Earl Grey Extra

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This is a decaf version of our much-loved Earl Grey Extra: a double-bergamot blend that has become our go-to for Earl Grey fans! If that sounds like you, this tea will be your favorite! It has a strong citrusy aroma and a punchy bergamot taste with a light citrus aftertaste. It is not tannic at all, so you can drink it black or dress it up with milk and sugar. This blend is decaffeinated, so you can enjoy it any time, day or night.

Bergamot is a variety of Mediterranean citrus. Though the fruits are so sour that you wouldn't eat them on their own, the oil pressed from the rind has an incredible fragrance and distinct citrus flavor.

Ingredients: Black tea, oil of bergamot

CO2 Decaf Process