Yun Wu 2018
Yun Wu 2018

Yun Wu 2018

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Origin:  Zhejiang, China
Cultivar:  Jiu Keng
Harvest:  May 2018
Picking Standard:  2 leaves
Tea Master:  Xu Zhao Yu

 The name Yun Wu literally translates to "cloud mist".  It is often used to refer to teas grown in mountainous areas where fog and mist blanket the gardens.  With this particular tea from the mountains of western Zhejiang Province, that is certainly the case!  The garden sits at 500-600 meters (1,640-1,970 feet) above sea level.  Cloudcover helps to shade and hydrate the bushes to yield abundant, thick leaves which yield a flavorful cup with a fresh green flavor.  An excellent everyday tea that is delicious hot or chilled.  Organic!

Ingredients:  green tea