Rou Gui 2018

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Origin: Fujian, China
Cultivar: Rou Gui ("Cassia")
Harvest: April - May
Picking Standard: 3 slightly open leaves
Tea Master: Zhou You Shen

Rou Gui oolong is also known as "Cassia Oolong" because of its bold, sweet and slightly spicy flavor. It is more oxidized and more heavily roasted Wuyi oolong than either our Premium Narcissus or Sparrow Tongue. It is rich, yet smooth and yields many infusions. Organically grown!

This dark, roasted style of oolong is also called "Wuyi" or "rock" oolong after the steep, craggy Wuyi Mountains. This tea requires many steps of drying, roasting, firing, shaping and resting; the whole process from pluck to cup takes about three months under the watchful eye of the tea master.

Ingredients: oolong tea