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Black Tea Coin

Black Tea Coin

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This is a micro-sized 7g bing, pressed from whole-leaf Nannuo Mountain black tea. This tea is a beautiful dark red in color when steeped, and has a satisfying back-of-the-mouth flavor. The process of massaging and sun-drying the tea results in a fruity, sweet profile with low astringency.

Tea coins are a convenient way to take your loose leaf with you on the go! They're made of loose leaf leaves pressed into a coin shape for easy travel. This harkens back to traditional methods of transporting tea, when tea would be pressed into compact bings (cakes) for more efficient trade and storage. Full size bings were even used as currency!

Make sure to brew this tea multiple times! The leaves are tightly pressed into this shape, and it can take several infusions to loosen them, yielding several delightful cups.