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Nepali Gold 2.2oz Tin

Nepali Gold 2.2oz Tin

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Due to COVID-19 the supply chain for this tea has been interrupted. We are working with our suppliers to get it back in stock as soon as it is safe - we love it as much as you do. Thank you for your patience during this event.

Produced on the Teenjure Estate in Nepal, this rich black tea is smooth and full-bodied. The farmers incorporate the bud and first two leaves of the tea plant, leading to an abundance of beautiful golden tips. These tips give the tea its name and unique honey-chocolate sweetness. While rich and complex in taste, this tea lacks heavy tannins or the dry mouth-feel typical black tea. The smoothness of this tea highlights its subtle chocolate undertones and makes it eminently drinkable. Nepali Golden Black is perfect for both hot and cold brews. A forgiving leaf, it can be made lighter or darker depending on one’s preference. If you like Yunnan black teas you are sure to like this excellent tea!

The Teenjure Estate is Nepal's first cooperatively-owned tea factory and they have the highest standards of consistency and quality.

This item contains 2.2oz of loose leaf tea packed in a black square tin with inner lid.

Ingredients: Organic black tea. USDA Organic, Rainforest Alliance Certified, Direct Trade.

More about the Teenjure Estate from the Importer: The co-operative is named “Teenjure” which is Nepali for “three hills.” Local villagers from the three hills banded together to first form a growing co-operative, selling their harvested green leaf to a nearby factory. Then in 2013, they raised the money on their own to setup their own factory, allowing them to have a finished tea they could market internationally. This is a significant development for the tea industry, as having local farmers owning the finished tea dramatically alters the supply chain. Traditionally, farmers could, at best, sell the harvested tea leaf; now they have a finished good at hand. We literally stumbled into their work — during our first Nepal visit in 2016, we stayed at a random hotel in the town of Ilam, which we chose mainly because it was the only one open with clean beds. The next morning, we woke to find we were directly across from a sign that said “Nepal’s First Tea Cooperative.” Excited to learn more, we went across the street and met them. From there, they took us to their factory, which involved a two hour hike down an unpaved trail, surrounded by the towering Himalayas.