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Da Hong Pao (Liu Guo Ying 2018)
Da Hong Pao (Liu Guo Ying 2018)

Da Hong Pao (Liu Guo Ying 2018)

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This tea's long production cycle results in a rich, flavorful cup with a mellow, round flavor and a sweet finish. The flavor is decidedly roasty but not as strong as our Premium Narcissus or Rou Gui. It has a light floral fragrance that leads to a complex taste with notes of toasted grain, mineral, honey, and an eduring sweet finish.

A memorable tea from a true master. Also known as “Big Red Robe,” this organically grown tea is traditionally roasted over a period of four months or longer. Mr. Liu roasts the leaves in bamboo baskets over charcoal ovens. The first roasting is the hottest, with temperatures up to 265 degrees to remove most of the moisture in the leaf. Over the 8- to 10-hour roasting period, the tea leaves are shaken every hour or so to ensure even roasting. Once this initial roast is complete, Mr. Liu allows the leaves to rest for about a month before the next roasting. Each subsequent roasting is cooler but lasts longer. This time consuming traditional roasting technique increases the complexity and depth of the tea’s flavor, which will endure for years in storage.

  • Origin: Fujian, China
  • Picking Standard: 3 slightly open leaves
  • Tea Master: Liu Guo Ying

Ingredients: Oolong Tea. No chemical fertilizer, pesticide, or herbicide was used in the production of this tea.