Liu Guo Ying Da Hong Pao 2018

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Origin:  Fujian, China
Harvest:  April 2018
Release:  November 2018
Picking Standard:  3 slightly open leaves
Tea Master:  Mr. Liu Guo Ying

This fantastic organic tea is the product of the master's blend of tea leaves from local Wuyi Shan tea bushes.  Mr. Liu carefully selects and roasts his tea leaves in the traditional way, in bamboo baskets over charcoal.  Each roasting lasts for eight to twelve hours, with each at a cooler temperature than the last.  Between roastings, the leaves rest for 25-30 days, hence the delayed release date.

The cycles of roasting and resting yield a complex, layered flavor with a bold, red infusion.  Sweet with a lingering mineral finish, simply superb!

Ingredients:  oolong tea