Libre 14oz Pearl

Libre 14oz Pearl

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Finally answers the question "How do I take my tea to go?!" Libre travel tumblers are made of durable acrylic on the outside but nonreactive glass on the inside. There are two ways to use it depending on the type of tea you're making (see below).

Comes in a gift box with an extra silicone gasket. 14 Fluid ounce capacity.

Method #1, teas with limited steep times: Put your tea leaves into the strainer and add hot water. Screw on lid and let steep upside down for desired time. Flip right side up and slowly unscrew lid to let steam vent. Unscrew strainer and screw on lid.

Method #2, teas/herbals with unlimited steep times: Put your tea leaves directly in the vessel and screw on strainer and lid. Drink directly from the strainer which prevents leaves from escaping.