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Honey Bai Hao

Honey Bai Hao


This is a bug bitten tea; a rare and valuable quality in Taiwanese teas, which heavily depends on year-to-year changes. Jacobiasca formosana, aka the ‘tea jassid’ or ‘leaf hopper’ is a natural pest that bites the tea leaves. Those plants release a chemical defense that, when the leaves are picked, processed, and brewed, give a sweet, honey-like character.

This particular Bai Hao is slightly more oxidized than normal, leading to a darker, rounder flavor. We’d place this tea squarely between our other Bai Hao, and our Black Honey. Besides the distinct honey aroma that gives this tea its name, we experienced a sweet, malty, almost pine nut flavor. This tea is rich, with a smooth mouthfeel.

We highly recommend re-steeping these leaves!

This tea was grown with the Qing Xin cultivar, harvested in Pinglin, Taiwan. As is true with all teas, this is an agricultural product that changes every year, and every season. If you love this tea, please understand that flavor variation over time is a feature, not a bug (pun intended). The Leaf Hoppers’ hopping habits are not within the farm’s control.


Please note:  If you order multiple one ounce increments of tea, they will be consolidated into one larger bag. (Example: if you purchase four 1oz bags, they will be packaged into one 4oz bag.)

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