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Mao Jian Misty New Top 2018

Mao Jian Misty New Top 2018

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Excellent aroma and complexity at an everyday-drinker price. Light mineral astringency gives way to a softer, almost creamy, character and a sweet grass finish. This green tea retains flavor beautifully in a pint glass for casual sipping and thirst quenching throughout the day.

The organic tea farm that produces Misty New Top was established in the Yunfeng Mountain area during the 1950s. The tea bushes are grown in cloud-covered mountains at 700 meters above sea level. The natural shade of the clouds encourage development of sweet-tasting amino acids in the tea leaves. The changing temperatures between day and night stimulate the development of other secondary metabolites and introduce complexity into the tea. Picking standard is one bud and two leaves.

Ingredients: Green tea. No chemical fertilizer, pesticide, or herbicide was used in the production of this tea.