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Violet Crumble (King Size)

Violet Crumble (King Size)

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This scrumptious Violet Crumble bar is a delicious Australian candy treat. A crumbly honeycomb toffee center is covered in dark chocolate for an iconic Down Under candy bar with an irresistibly crispy crunch.

Ingredients: Sugar, Palm Oil, *Wheat Glucose Syrup, Whey (milk), Cocoa Powder, Raising Agent (Sodium Bicarbonate), Gelatin, Emulsifiers (Soy Lecithin, Sorbitan Tristearate), Salt, Natural Flavor, Corn Starch. Contains wheat*, soy and milk. May contain peanuts, almonds, and coconut.

*Gluten free. The wheat has been processed to allow this food to meet the FDA requirements for gluten-free foods.

Soy lecithin is made from soybeans that were not genetically engineered.