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B&W Tahitian Iced Tea 6ct Bags

B&W Tahitian Iced Tea 6ct Bags


Due to COVID-19 the supply chain for this tea has been interrupted. We are working with our suppliers to get it back in stock consistently as soon as it is safe. Right now it is only available in limited quantities. Thank you for your patience during this event.

We still have this tea available in loose leaf form. You can use this with an infuser or disposable tea bags to continue enjoying your favorite tea.

A premium black tea blended with passionfruit, rose, and citrus. This tea is blended to be served cold, and makes for an elegant and refreshing summer beverage. A must for iced-tea lovers. This tea is served in many of Seattle's finest restaurants, so bring the taste home with you.

Package of six large convenient tea bags. Each bag makes one quart of iced tea.

Ingredients: Black tea, flower petals, artificial flavors (tropical fruit and flowers with a dash of citrus)