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April Updates from the Perennial Tea Room


Hi Perennial family,

It’s been a tough few weeks, hasn’t it? We hope you’re doing okay, and that you’re taking care of yourself. It’s been tough to watch the news, but heartening to hear from our neighbors about what they’re doing to hold our world together. 

We’re doing our best to keep things running here at Perennial Tea Room, but it’s been tough, and we could use your help.

The loss of walk-in customers has been devastating for us. Summer cruise ship customers make up a huge part of our revenue, and we haven’t figured out what we can do to make up for that loss. We need to make $600 a day to stay open. That’s not making a profit - this is the number we need to hit in order to pay rent, pay our employees, and keep the lights on. But we've been here for 30 years, and we're not giving up.

Here’s what you can do to help us make it to our next 30 years:

  • Order our tea. We are shipping online and phone orders (while taking the best precautions we can to prevent the spread of COVID-19, which you can read about here). We even have a code to say thanks for supporting us: use code COMMUNITEA for 15% off your first online order.
  • Send custom care packages for your loved ones that you wish you could see. Give us a call at 206-448-4054, and we can customize a box to your loved one’s favorite flavors and tea needs. We are currently in the shop 7 days a week, generally between 9:30am-4:00 pm PST.
  • Tell your friends and family about us. We could use as many shares in Facebook groups, Instagram stories, Reddit posts as we can get right now. You are welcome to pass along the COMMUNITEA discount code so they can also save 15%on their first online order.
  • Have a nursing home resident or healthcare worker you’d like to show your support to? Call us, mention the COMMUNITEA code and we’ll put together a care package for them with the 15% discount.
  • Point us towards financial assistance, grants, or any resource that you think could be helpful. We’re applying to everything we can, but appreciate hearing from you if there’s something you think we’ve missed. We have successfully funded a KIVA loan (, which covers around two weeks of operating expenses, and we have other applications out there. 
  • Share your Quaranteatime stories with us! Tag us @perennialtearoomand use hashtag #quaranteatime - it doesn't need to be our tea, we just want to celebrate the comfort of a soothing cup in tough times! You can also email us at and we'll share your stories on our social media.

We’re a small business that employs five people, and so far we’ve been able to keep everyone employed who wants to be here. Thank you so much for your support now and over the years. We couldn’t do what we do without you, and we love doing it for you. 

And remember, in the immortal words of Troy Bolton:
GIF of the cast from High School Musical dancing to "We're all in this together," with a caption that reads "We're all in this together"

In communitea,

Your friends at the Perennial Tea Room