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Parking options while visiting the
Pike Place Market

  • Free parking - Can be found along Pike Place in the market itself. These 1 hour free parking spaces are very popular but are of limited availability.

  • Street parking - 2 hour parking is available on many local streets. Rates vary from $2.50 to $4.00 per hour depending on location and time of day.

  • Parking Lots - The Public Market Parking Garage at 1531 Western Ave. is the most convenient and affordable option ($3 per hour) for parking in a lot while visiting the Pike Place Market. A convenient elevator located at the north end of the parking garage will take you to the sky bridge to access the main market
    Note: There are a number of parking lot options on Western Ave.- Public Market Parking Garage is the most affordable.
    Additional parking lot options complete with parking rate information can be found at:

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